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Full Tilt Poker.net is the fastest growing online poker room for good reasons

  • Free Download, Fun, Friendly Software
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Hundreds of Live Games Always
  • Multiple Table Tournaments
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FullTiltPoker.net Free Download Game Types:

FullTiltPoker.net offers the standard poker games, Hold’em, Omaha, and Seven Card Stud, along with their High/Low variations (except Hold’em). The poker room also throws in a game that many casual players are not used to: Razz. It can be a fun change of pace. Stakes range from nickels and dimes all the way up to $1000/$2000 for Fixed-Limit games and $50/$100 for No-Limit. Pot-Limit stakes tend to be modest. Action can be found at most levels, although the higher stakes games skew towards the short-handed (6 player) tables.

www.FullTilt Poker.net Deposit Bonus:

FullTiltPoker.net offers a generous first deposit bonus, typically 100% up to $600, with reload bonuses averaging once every two months. They tend to be difficult to clear at low stakes

FullTiltPoker.net Tournaments:

Like any decent poker room, www.FullTiltPoker.net has a wide range of tournaments. The site’s multi-table tournaments are probably its forte, with an array of regular, guaranteed prize pool, and satellite tournaments offered daily. Sit-and-Go’s are abundant, as well, with full-ring, two table, and heads-up versions offered in all game variations.

One nice feature of the FullTiltPoker.com tournaments is that players start with 1,500 chips, as opposed to the 1,000 or even 800 chip stacks that other poker rooms use. The only problem with the Sit-and-Go’s is that the levels increase every six minutes, which is very fast. But, with the deep stacks, the games can still take a while.

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